Executive Officer Awarded NBCA Life Membership

The Executive Officer of the NBCA, Mr Allen Woodham, was awarded a life membership of the Council at the AGM held in Adelaide on Friday, 19th June. The award was presented by the NBCA Vice President David Peters as the President Robert Bedwell was indisposed and unable to attend the conference.

The citation written by Robert Bedwell and read by David Peters stated the award was for services to the NBCA which has assisted the body to advance its stature and for Allen’s service to the NBCA and the band movement. The Executive and Councillors of the NBCA congratulated Allen on this achievement.

Bill Broughton Elected as New President

Mr Bill Broughton was elected as the new President of the Council at the recent AGM which was held in Adelaide. Bill who is renowned internationally as a musician, composer and motivator stated he was delighted to be elected to the position and is looking forward to working with the Council for the advancement and success of Australian banding. Bill, who spent many years working in the music industry in Hollywood, has wide experience in motivating and encouraging musicians and believes this appointment will assist him in encouraging and advancing the cause for opportunity and excellence for Australian musicians.

A new Vice President of the Council was also elected at the conference with Adrian Loone from Tasmania taking on the role. Adrian, who is the Secretary of the Tasmanian Bands League is the current Councillor on the NBCA for the state and will remain in the role in addition to his new duties.

The 2015 NBCA Conference saw the retirement of three stalwart members of the Council with Robert Bedwell OAM, David Peters OAM and Geoff Fry OAM saying farewell after decades of service to Australian banding with their involvement in the Council.

2015 Annual Conference

The 2015 NBCA Annual General Meeting and Conference will be held in Adelaide over the weekend of the 19th - 21st June.

The AGM will appoint a President and Vice President for the next two years, receive and ratify the financial report and complete the various requirements that are normal procedure.

The following conference examines the venues and preparations for the 2016 National Band Championships, receives the report from the 2015 event and debates and considers matters and motions that are presented by Councillors from their various State bodies. The Annual Conference brings all six state Councillors together in a focused situation where discussion and debate leads to decisions designed to enhance the operations and presentation of the nation's major community banding event. Councillors are guided by their state bodies and strive to achieve a result that reflects what they believe their state bodies and affiliated bands seek to achieve in their involvement in the Australian National Band Championships.

Nominations for the NBCA Executive Open

The National Band Council of Australia advises that nominations from interested persons are now being received for the positions of President and Vice President of the Council as outlined in the NBCA's constitution. Interested persons seeking to contribute to Australia's band world are encouraged to seek nomination for these positions.

Nominations and all inquiries should be directed to the Executive Officer and all nominations MUST be received by the close of business on Friday, 5th June 2015. Nominations received will be considered by the Council at its AGM as part of the annual conference to be held in Adelaide from Friday, 19th June to Sunday, 21st June.

Nominations should comply with NBCA Rules 14, 15 and 16 and nominee(s) should acquaint themselves with Rules 15 and 16 which details the duties of the position(s). These rules can be referenced in the constitution which is available from the Downloads area of the NBCA web site.

Allen Woodham OAM

Executive Officer

2015 National Contest Success

The 2015 Centenary of ANZAC contest, held in Sydney over the Easter weekend, has seen bands from across the country celebrate their culture and friendship in a marvellous spirit of togetherness. The special music compositions commissioned for the event were well received and performed with passion and precision by the various bands who obviously worked hard and strove to give of their very best as the message of ANZAC was pictured vividly within the various compositions.

ANZAC commemoration ceremonies were held in the halls each day to remember those who served with bands providing the bugle calls and the reading of the Ode was undertaken by the NBCA’s Executive officer.

Although the weather intervened and prevented the Parade of Bands and dedication service from happening this did not dampen the enthusiasm and excitement that unfolded on the stage during the weekend. Large crowds attended each event such that halls were closed at times as crowds exceeded capacity at some presentation events.

The event illustrated clearly the passion and dedication that community banding injects into Australian life with the preparation of the organizing committee over so many months and the long hours expended by the dedicated volunteers who worked tirelessly for the competitors and visitors.

Live streaming of the event was hugely successful as people watched across the world to see the best of Australian banding and enjoy the creations of some of the countries most talented composers.

There is little doubt thoughts will now be reflected on what the 2016 contest will bring in Adelaide.

Full result details can be found in the archives area of the web site.

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