New Awards for Perth Contest

Two band stalwarts - Mike Butcher and Robert Bedwell - are to be honoured in Awards

The National Band Council of Australia has decided to inaugurate two new perpetual trophies for awarding initially at the Perth contest. The awards are for the Open Champion of Champion and Junior Champion of Champion in the Concert Band Solo’s section.

“The Council is pleased to name the Open Champion soloist trophy the Mike Butcher award and the Junior soloist trophy the Robert Bedwell award,” NBCA Executive Officer, Allen Woodham stated. “It is pleasing to have these trophies commissioned to recognise two incredible people within the band movement and also to give concert band soloists the same level of achievement as their brass colleagues.”

NBCA President Speaks with Brasszone

The President of the NBCA, Dr Kevin Cameron, recently spoke with Andrew Stone from Brass Zone on a range of issues reflecting on his observations as the chair of the organization.

Of particular interest are the comments on the subject of player and band registrations for the national contest and the increasing difficulty for committees in staging the national contest as costs continue to spiral particularly for venue availability. Organizing Committees are being challenged greatly by the increasing costs which can reach upwards of $60,000 for venues for the national contest.

Dr Cameron praised the extensive preparations that have been achieved for the 2013 national contest to be held in Perth which should ensure an excellent event for the banding community. The University, situated on the Swan River, is easily accessible and the performance auditoriums are superb. The Parade of bands venue is similarly an excellent area, in the city, with street cafes that will ensure a relaxed area for the bands to perform. “I would encourage bands to make the effort to come to Perth,” the President remarked.

The interview can be viewed in its entirety here:

Parade of Bands Regulations & Drill Handbook Updated

A revised Parade of Bands Regulations document and a Drill Handbook have been produced for the NBCA and are available in the Downloads area for reference. The regulatory document will form the basis for operation of the Parade of Bands at the 2013 Championships in Perth.

The Parade of Bands Regulations have been overhauled and updated following an exhaustive exercise involving selected representatives from all states. The committee, chaired and guided by David Peters, undertook an extensive consultation process with various representatives from state Drill Advisory Boards to compile documents that would serve as a standard reference work for Drum Major’s and as a regulatory guideline for the Parade of Bands at the Australian Band Championships.

The documents were tabled at the NBCA conference in July and accepted for adoption as NBCA standards. The NBCA considers this to be a good outcome and is appreciative for the many hours of work that David Peters and the team expended to achieve this outcome.

Regulation Changes Posted

The NBCA contest regulation changes which were approved at the July annual conference have been posted in the revised 2013 NBCA Yearbook which will be applicable at the 2013 National Championship to be held in Perth over the Easter weekend in 2013.

While the alterations are mainly administrative in nature it would be wise for secretaries to familiarize themselves with the requirements that apply when submitting entries for bands and soloists for 2013.

The alterations adopted came about after consideration by state bodies and debate by Councillors at the conference and were designed to resolve issues that had become apparent over time. A wider explanation of the adopted changes can be ascertained by consulting the conference minutes which are also posted here.

AGM & Conference Minutes Posted

The minutes for the NBCA AGM and Annual Conference held in Perth on July 20th to 22nd have now been posted to the NBCA Web Site.

Some changes/updates were approved to the Contest Regulations which will be gazetted in the 2013 Yearbook which will be available on 1st September for download from the Web Site.

Preparations for the 2013 National Band Contest to be held in Perth were presented to the Council and illustrated the excitement already building for what will be an iconic event for everyone involved.

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